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Bawo Daibo Co-Wrote Effects of the Lateral Thoracotomy Procedure on Patients

HILLSIDE, NJ, USA, May 14, 2020 / — Bawo Daibo Co-Wrote Paper on Effects of the Lateral Thoracotomy Procedure on Patients

Bawo Veritas Daibo helped to write a paper about how the standard posterolateral thoracotomy procedure worsened spine curvature in both patients with and without scoliosis. Bawo Daibo co-wrote this with other medical professionals to explain the results of this study in 2009.

Bawo Veritas Daibo and Posterolateral Thoracotomy

Bawo Daibo, along with the other professionals who worked on the paper, assisted on standard posterolateral thoracotomy surgeries for several patients. Though a number of these patients came in with scoliosis already, the procedure led to further curving of the spine in many individuals. Some developed a small degree of spinal curvature when they previously had none.

The posterolateral thoracotomy is when a surgeon makes an incision at a certain spot in the person’s back. This often is made wider with rib spreaders. This procedure is a fairly common one for operations on the esophagus and lungs, among other things in that region of the body.

The connection between this procedure and the patients’ developing spine curvature was concerning enough that it led to these professionals conducting a formal study to closely observe and measure the impact and document results for the community. This is important work in the medical field as it can give a clear picture in order to make any changes and explain any complications to patients who are about to undergo surgeries with posterolateral thoracotomy.

Baiwo Veritas Daibo Gives Medicine His All

Baiwo Daibo certainly is a successful medical doctor and knows the importance of hard work and ingenuity in the field of medicine. He is well-respected by his peers. Baiwo Veritas Daibo plans to continue to assist in and conduct surgeries as well as provide consultations. From his humble beginnings as an undergraduate at Columbia University to his days working with patients and conducting studies, it’s obvious that Baiwo Daibo has played a role in improving his field.

Bawo Daibo Focuses on Orthopaedic Surgery

Bawo Veritas Daibo has worked in a variety of positions and discipline areas. This includes his most recent stint as the Elective Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Western University’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery. He also helped to deliver therapies and conduct surgery to cancer patients, people who had undergone trauma, as well as those who were undergoing hip and knee replacement. His paper on the effects of the lateral thoracotomy procedure only served to give him greater recognition and confidence to strive for achievements in his career.